Dr. Harper’s Musing from the American College of Phlebology 2015 Meeting Day Two

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Friday, 13 November 2015


It was  a wonderful day to be in Orlando, with a beautiful sunrise for day two of the ACP2015 Annual Meeting .

The morning started with breakfast with my fellow members of the 2016 American College of Phlebology Leadership Academy.  This was our second opportunity to have a face to face meeting.   I met with the four clinicians that I am coaching in this journey.

Their leadership projects that for this year will promote awareness and safety in Phlebology.   As with most coaching opportunities, I am confident I will benefit  more that those I lead.   What a privilege to share in the lives of like minded men and women.

Today was filled with abstract presentations from physicians on advances in vein care.   I added to my bucket list today.  I want to go to Germany to visit Dr. Ragg to learn more about his novel post treatment protocols that dramatically improve outcomes.

Varithena: A New Sclerotherapy Treatment Discussed At The American College Of Phlebology Meeting


At lunch we learned more about Varithena. It is the first FDA approved foam for sclerotherapy.   VSS is one of the first centers in the southeast to offer Varithena.   Look for a blog article on Varithena soon.

The afternoon was filled with continuing education in ultrasound.   Even though I have all the ultrasound credentials life is all about learning.   The educational day ended with observing  Terri Harper, APRN leading a sclerotherapy treatment training workshop.  She did a great job teaching something she is passionate about.

The day came to a close with the opening reception with friends and vendors.   It is always a fun time and an chance to make new friends and visit the vendor booths. My office manager probably wishes she had taken my credit card!

The highlight for the day was saved for our yearly friends dinner with Terri Harper, Jeannie and Robert Barrett and Neal Reynolds.  We missed our friend Rick Owen.  This annual event with lifelong Phlebology colleagues is something we look forward to.   Robert hosted this year’s reunion at Vito’s Chop Shop.  Man was it good forget about the diet tonight.

Back in our room the glow of the day was dampened by the news from Paris with the terrorist attack.   It brings back memories for Terri and me.  We were two of maybe 35 Americans at the 2001 Rome UIP vein meeting when the 9/11 attack occurred.   I remember how difficult it was to be  away from family at a time like this.  I, also, remember how kind the Italians were to us.   We pray for our French colleagues and for the families of those whose lost their lives and those who were injured.

Looking forward to day three…

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