Lymphedema/Leg Swelling

Is leg swelling affecting your ability to work and enjoy your family and hobbies?

At VSS we understand how leg swelling affects all areas of your life; work, friends, family, and hobbies. It is sad that you may suffer from swelling thinking that there is nothing that can help. That is just not right. Our VSS Lymphedema Treatment team is here to help you get your life back.

“The range of discomfort with leg swelling, or lymphedema, can vary widely, from occasional puffy ankles to painful, persistent swelling, tight skin, or even blisters and weeping of the skin.” 

Lymphedema is often the first symptom of a bigger issue, and at Vein Specialists of the South, we’re here to help you.

Lymphedema Macon

What do I need to know about the lymphatic system?

The delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and the removal of waste products and carbon dioxide after the nutrients are used by the cells is an intricate process. The blood is delivered via the arteries to the cells at the capillaries for nutrition. The veins and lymphatics work together to return the used blood and cellular level fluid back to the vital organs where it is refreshed to start the process again.


*Individual Results May Vary

What Causes Lymphedema?

After the nutrients and oxygen are used at the cellular level, their byproducts are picked up by the veins (blood) and lymphatics (lymph) systems. Everything is fine as long as the balance between the creation of lymph fluid and removal of the blood and lymph by the veins and lymphatics is in balance. Anything that disturbs this balance can lead to swelling or lymphedema.   

Symptoms of Lymphedema include:

  • Aching
  • Heaviness
  • Tightness
  • Swelling of part or all of the leg (including the foot)
  • Hardening or thickening skin
  • Water blisters or watery weeping
  • Recurring infections
  • Restricted range of motion


What Causes Leg Swelling?

There is a delicate balance in the blood and lymphatic flow in the legs. Working together they deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and remove the waste products and fluid that accumulates at the cellular level. They, also, assist in defense against infection. When these systems are not working properly, leg swelling may occur.

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What Treatments are Available for Lymphedema?

VSS is one of the country’s first fully-integrated Vein and Lymphatic Care Centers. Our team of physicians and Occupational Therapists and OT Assistants work with you to achieve ‘better’ results. 

Innovative in-office treatments for lymphedema offered at Vein Specialists of the South are designed to give you BetterLooking® legs and Better Veins for Life®

These treatments include:

Lymphedema Macon


Your VSS Lymphedema Therapy Team address all facets of your condition.

Manual Lymph Drainage reroutes lymphatic fluid out of your arm or leg using a special massage technique encouraging lymph flow in the proper direction via alternative lymph pathways. Limitations to manual lymph drainage are noted if you have a skin infection, are prone to blood clots, or have active disease in the lymph drainage areas.

Compression options include multilayer lymphedema wraps, graduated compression garments/socks and pneumatic compression sleeves selected depending on the type and degree of swelling. The compression promotes improved lymph fluid flow and decreases swelling. Proper compression is graduated which means it is tight around fingers or toes and loosens as it wraps up your limb. The pneumatic compression sleeve is worn on the affected limb for a short time each day.  It connects to a pump that intermittently inflates the sleeve applying pressure to the limb in a manner similar to manual lymphatic massage to move fluid toward your core.

Exercise encourages lymph fluid drainage and maintains your strength for everyday tasks. Compression garments while exercising can help while you gently contract the muscles of the affected limb. This targeted exercise shouldn’t be strenuous but focused on specific muscle movements. This can also help manage swelling and pain.

Skincare is important to improve and maintain skin integrity so the risk of infection and fungus development is reduced. 

Correction of underlying vein disease at VSS can improve your swelling.

Coordination of care with your doctors to identify underlying medications and medical conditions that may contribute to your swelling.

What Results Will I See?

With care and attention, your lymphedema can be controlled or improved depending upon the underlying cause of your swelling. With a VSS comprehensive lymphedema consultation, we’ll go over your medical history, perform a physical exam, and complete further testing as needed, including a duplex ultrasound. A treatment plan is then customized to meet your needs, improve your swelling and overall health. There are no cookie-cutter approaches and no up-selling of vein procedures you don’t need. Just quality care from the lymphedema team at Vein Specialists of the South.

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Is There Any Downtime?

Downtime is limited and varies with your treatment plan depending upon your individual conditions and treatment needs.

Don’t let swollen legs slow you down or make you uncomfortable. If you’re concerned about lymphedema, the choice is simple: schedule a consultation at Vein Specialists of the South, your vein and lymphatic health care team. We are on the front lines of the vein and lymphatic health in Georgia, bringing you innovative, resourceful, and experienced care for more than 20 years.

At VSS vein and lymphatic care are not just one other thing we do…they are the only thing we do. Living your best life starts at Vein Specialists of the South, where we help you enjoy Better Veins for Life®.

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Since 1997 Vein Specialists of the South has helped thousands of patients like you with varicose veins, spider veins, and leg swelling. Dr. Kenneth Harper a leader in vein health is a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery and the American Vein and Lymphatic Medicine. Terri Harper, MSN, FNP-C, is a leader in the field of cosmetic spider vein education. Our dedicated nurse injectors have been trained by the best.

At VSS we have a passion for veins  big and small. Serving more than 20,000 patients, Vein Specialists of the South is committed to bringing you Better Veins for Life®. Call today to schedule an appointment with the VSS team,  ‘where veins are not just one thing we do, they are the only thing we do.’

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*Individual Results May Vary

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