My mom and I saw Dr. Harper for the first time yesterday and were very pleased as well as impressed with everything from the check-in, the work-up for the procedure, and the overall efficiency and professionalism of Dr. Harper, the nurses, techs, and the office staff. We have the utmost confidence that Dr. Harper and his staff will take excellent care of us. Thank you all very much.

Ella J.

“I came to my first visit with doubt that someone could help my conditions with my legs being the way they were, but after going through therapy I was very pleased with how much swelling had left my legs.“

N. Little

Everybody was so friendly. I trust Dr. Harper. I feel like I did the right thing. I have more energy and am feeling better. I do believe that this has helped me. Go to your doctor, get a recommendation and talk with Dr. Harper and staff. Trust their recommendations and follow through with the procedure. I have nothing but good things to say and am so thankful.

I. Jones
Dominick Andrews
Heather Riley
Pat Wiley
Karen Harkins

What can I say? I love Vein Specialists of the South!

I’m a mother of four children, although I’ve had eight pregnancies. My first child was born when I was almost 34 and my last was born a week after my 40th birthday. Four children in 6 years, combined with my age, took a toll on the veins in my legs, and I developed several SVT’s with my last two pregnancies. After my last child was born, I endured severe pain in my legs for 5 years before I heeded the commercials I saw on TV. Additionally, I decided to invest in the appearance of my legs that were damaged by the varicose veins causing extensive spider veins covering both legs. The procedures were not bad and the outcome was phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Harper and all his staff!

P.S. The schlerotherapy was one of the best INVESTMENTS I ever made!

A. Barentine