Dr. Harper’s Musing from Day 3 of the American College of Phlebology 2015 Annual Meeting

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sometimes you wake up and are ready to get going. This morning I had to get a quick start after waking up at 7.   Only problem, I planned on meeting my ACP Leadership Academy team members at 7.   After a quick shave and shower was dressed and downstairs by 715.  A quick start to day 3.

Our Leadership Academy projects are underway and their impact on our specialty will be great.   One team is developing a procedural safety checklist and the other is working on increasing the social media presence for Phlebology.

The morning session began with a moment of silence and reflection for our French colleagues in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris last night.   After our business meeting the morning abstract program began with clinical research updates. I look forward to learning innovations in the treatment of vein disease and how they can help VSS improve upon the “best” vein care.

Terri Harper (R) with our good friend, Catherine Burdge, APRN

Vein Specialists Of The South Presenting At American College Of Phlebology Annual Meeting

Our VSS team had a great day with Terri Harper, Heidi Atkins and Elizabeth Milligan all presenting today.   They each got rave reviews.

In the morning session, Terri spoke on “The New Patient Process of Best Practice in Phlebology:  The patient journey from start to finish.”    She shared the VSS process that has evolved from our work over the years with consultants Karen Zupko and Catherine Maley among many.    Our Georgia Tech consultants,also, assisted our team led by Elizabeth Milligan in our lean process improvement.  It is a journey that we continue to pursue.

The afternoon session featured Heidi and Elizabeth.   Heidi spoke on “Foot and Calf Pump Failure in Patients with Venous and Lymphatic Disease.”  Her research was informative and helped the audience better understand the impact of the foot and calf pump on venous blood flow.  I loved her talk and her support for her Clemson Tigers with her orange shirt featuring the Tiger Paw.

Elizabeth Milligan spoke on “When Ultrasound and Physical Findings Do Not Match.”  The audience learned key concepts on treating venous disease and respecting what the patients wants and needs.   The goal is to prevent unnecessary procedures while delivering the “best” vein care.

Interspersed in the afternoon was keeping up with my Georgia Bulldogs taking on the Auburn Tigers. Nice win in a Deep South rivalry football game:  Dogs 20-Tigers 13

Terri and I ended the day sharing a wonderful meal and fellowship with our dear friend Catherine Burdge.  The evening concluded with  the after party: desserts, dancing to live music and spending time with new and old friends.

ACP2015 was just what I needed:  a time to share with others our expertise and a time to learn what’s new.   It was also a time to fellowship with old and news friends.   I am already marking my calendar for ACP2016.   Hope you can join me!

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