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Reviewed by Dr. Kenneth Harper, MD


Everyone’s worried about dark circles and under eye bags. While our friends at Spa Medical can help you with those, we specialize in another kind of under eye annoyance: periorbital veins. Periorbital veins are visible veins beneath the eyes which are often blue in appearance and sometimes bulge, causing an appearance of premature aging and fatigue.

In some cases, hiding these veins is impossible. No amount of concealer will cover a bulging periorbital vein. So if you’re tired of staring at these under eye veins in the mirror, we invite you to see us at Vein Specialists of the South at one of our three convenient locations in Downtown Macon, Warner Robins, and our South Atlanta office at Locust Grove.

What Causes Visible Under Eye Veins?

Age, genetics, and sun exposure are the primary causes of periorbital veins. So if you’re an older sun worshipper and your grandmother had visible under eye veins, you’ve won the jackpot.

The skin underneath your eyes is very thin and delicate, making it more vulnerable to damage. Over time, the skin becomes even thinner, revealing the veins beneath. In some cases, frequent eye rubbing can damage capillaries in the area as well, causing spider veins under the eyes.

Treating Periorbital Veins

There are several options to treat under eye veins, and each treatment is performed with the utmost care to the delicate eye area. It’s crucial to select an expert team of vein specialists to treat the veins. The treatment option is often based on the size of the veins.


For bulging periorbital veins, we typically recommend our minimally invasive ‘one and done’ technique of vein removal. The bulging vein is marked, a gentle local anesthetic is given in the area. The bulging veins are then gently removed via 1-2 mm micro incisions. The area heals quickly with minimal bruising and little to no scarring. It is a quick and efficient solution to get your youthful eyes back.

periorbital under eye veins before and after pictures
Before & After Micro Phlebectomy for Under Eye Veins


For smaller periorbital veins, we typically recommend sclerotherapy as the safest and most effective method of therapy. Using a very tiny micro needle, we inject a solution directly into the veins to fade away over time. Patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure. A series of injections may be needed for optional cosmetic results..

Laser Vein Removal

In some cases, laser vein removal may be an option. For select patients with delicate spider veins or veins which didn’t respond to sclerotherapy, laser vein removal may be an alternative route. Therapy uses targeted laser light to break down the vein wall without harming skin or other surrounding tissue. Patients describe the sensation as a slight rubber band snap; during your procedure. Like cosmetic sclerotherapy, a series of treatments may be needed for the best results, as your veins fade over time.

Other Options for Under Eye Vein Treatment

In some cases, lack of facial volume in the under eye area is the cause for visible veins. Rather than the vein being the problem, it’s the lack of fullness in the eye area. This is often the result of aging and/or weight loss. In this case, we may refer you to our friends at Spa Medical for a dermal filler consultation. Dermal fillers restore lost facial volume and fullness to the area, smoothing the under eye and reducing the appearance of periorbital veins.


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Periorbital Vein Removal FAQ

With veins near your eyes, it’s natural to have questions. We encourage you to book your personalized consultation with one of our vein specialists to discover your best treatment option. In the meantime, we’ve answered the most common questions below.

Is periorbital vein removal safe?

Treating under eye veins is considered safe when performed by an experienced vein specialist team. After your exam and review of your medical history, we will discuss the safest and best treatment option for you.

Will removing veins also treat my eye twitch?

It is difficult to predict if treating your under eye veins will reduce or eliminate annoying eye twitching. There are a number of causes for eye twitching, such as stress and fatigue. If the twitching doesn’t go away, you may want to see an eye doctor for an examination and to explore other treatment options.

Will the veins grow back?

It is amazing how the venous blood flow reroutes through your healthy veins, as the unsightly veins are treated. Your treated veins do not grow back but over time new visible veins may appear.

Can treating the under eye veins also reduce my dark circles?

Yes. Reducing the pigmentation or shadowing from the unsightly veins may lessen the appearance of dark circles. However, you may wish to schedule a consultation at Spa Medical for other treatment and product recommendations.

Is there any downtime following my procedure?

At Vein Specialists of the South, vein treatments are Walk-In, Walk-Out™. You may have some mild bruising following the procedure. We do recommend avoiding direct sunlight after treatment. Wear a hat and/or UV protective sunglasses following your appointment. Sunscreen is also essential to wear daily, both to protect the area and to prevent future damage.

Vein Specialists of the South Macon


*Individual Results May Vary

Vein Specialists of the South Macon

Why Choose Vein Specialists of the South for Your Under Eye Vein Treatment?

It’s just like the name says — we are the Vein Specialists. Our award-winning practice was one of the first vein specialty clinics in the United States. We have been at the forefront of vein treatment and removal for almost 30 years.

Treating veins isn’t just one thing we do; it’s the only thing we do. And our team-based approach to evaluation and care ensures you are in the best hands, no matter your needs.

In addition to caring for our patients, we are also home to Comprehensive Vein Training, where we train other medical providers to perform vein care treatments in their practices.

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Are you ready to treat those pesky under eye veins? Each of our three convenient locations offers personalized evaluations and custom care plans for your needs.

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