5 Red Flags That You Might Have Vein Disease

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You may think that your bulging varicose veins are the primary symptom of underlying vein disease. While these visible changes are obvious signs of a vein health problem, it may surprise you that you can have vein disease with no visible varicose veins.

In this blog, we’ll discuss ‘red flag’ symptoms of vein disease, and how your Vein Specialists of the South team can diagnose and treat underlying problems before you develop serious complications of varicose veins.

Varicose Vein Symptom #1: You have visible spider veins

visible spider veins

While spider veins are mostly a cosmetic issue, they along with varicose veins and leg swelling may be a warning sign of underlying vein disease. This is why it’s important to visit a vein specialist for a full evaluation before receiving cosmetic spider vein treatment. In fact, at VSS we train doctors from across the country on the latest treatments for spider and varicose veins.

Varicose Vein Symptom #2: Your legs hurt or feel uncomfortable

Many people with varicose veins experience pain, cramping, and discomfort in their legs. Besides visible varicose and spider veins, pain is the main symptom that brings patients into our Georgia vein clinic.

Varicose vein pain and discomfort are often worse after standing or sitting for long periods of time, as well as during pregnancy. The pain seems to get better with rest, elevation, and wearing compression. If you have unexplained leg pain, heaviness, fatigue, or itching, it’s a good idea to seek an evaluation at a vein clinic to see if venous disease could be the cause.

Not all leg discomfort is caused by venous disease, but you should see a doctor if you experience frequent, unexplained leg pain or discomfort, such as itching, heaviness, fatigue, or cramps.

Varicose Vein Symptom #3: Skin changes on your legs and ankles

One of the surprising signs of varicose veins is skin changes. If you have skin changes in the leg and ankle area it could be a ‘red flag’ of venous blood pooling in the legs. As the blood pools, delivery of oxygen and impaired removal of excess fluid from the surrounding tissue can damage the skin.

Stasis dermatitis, or stasis eczema, is a type of skin inflammation that develops if your vein problems are neglected. Signs of damage include itching and scaling of the skin, thickening of the skin, or discoloration of the skin in the lower leg. In some cases, open sores (venous ulcers) can develop. If you have this type of eczema, you’ve likely tried topical steroid creams and moisturizers on your skin, with little improvement. If so, it may be time to visit a vein specialist. If you have these concerns it is important to get this checked out by your vein specialist.

Varicose Vein Symptom #4: Your legs swell

leg massage

Even when you don’t see varicose or spider veins on your legs, other visible signs you may have venous disease can include skin changes and leg swelling.

Swelling in the legs – also known as edema – can come from a number of conditions. One of the common conditions is underlying varicose veins. When the check valves in your veins are not working properly, blood can pool in your legs and ankles. The pooling gets worse when you are up on your feet causing heavy aching legs, fatigue, and swelling.

Varicose Vein Symptom #5: You’ve developed restless legs

Restless legs at night can also be a sign of varicose veins, even when you don’t have visible varicose veins.

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move the legs, usually at night when you’re trying to sleep. This is often accompanied by a tingling or prickling sensation. RLS can be caused by several different things, including iron deficiency and nerve damage. However, varicose veins can be a source of restless legs. If you’ve ruled out other causes for your RLS, or you have restless legs and other varicose vein symptoms, we recommend seeing a vein specialist for an evaluation.


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How a Vein Specialist Can Help

vein evaluation

Leg symptoms can be frustrating, especially if your providers aren’t clear on the cause of your discomfort. Seeing a vein specialist can help determine if your symptoms are caused by vein disease and can help identify and treat your problem before complications set in. At VSS we are trained to provide comprehensively advanced minimally invasive care so you can enjoy better looking and better feeling legs.

When caught early, conservative care may reduce or delay your need for vein procedures. Conservative care includes wearing compression stockings, healthy weight management, and various lifestyle changes, including exercise, leg elevation, and changing out your footwear for improved circulation.

Even with good conservative care, you may benefit from treatment of the affected veins. Early intervention can prevent disease progression, and lower your risks of blood clots, bleeding veins, and skin problems when compared to patients who waited for severe symptoms and veins to develop before seeking care.

Thankfully, procedures today are minimally invasive and do not require general anesthesia or a visit to a surgical center. Instead, we offer office-based ‘walk-in walk-out procedures with little downtime’ using gentle local anesthesia with minimal post-procedure discomfort and a quick recovery.

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Vein Specialists of the South Macon

Why Choose Vein Specialists of the South for Your Vein Evaluation and Care

vein evaluation at Vein Specialists of the South in Georgia

If you are discouraged about the way your legs look and feel because of bulging varicose veins and spider veins, or you noticed the red flags mentioned above, who you choose for your vein care makes a difference. Your VSS team is trained to evaluate and treat your legs for all types of vein disease. We offer personalized innovative care delivered with WOW service. At VSS vein care is not just another thing we do, it is everything we do!

After evaluating and treating thousands of patients like you, Vein Specialist of the South developed the Better Veins for Life® protocol, which includes:

  • A personalized vein evaluation with our team
  • A comprehensive treatment plan catered to your needs
  • Minimally invasive Walk-In, Walk Out® procedures if needed

We don’t just treat venous disease; we educate every patient to help you get the most out of your care, and our focused approach to venous disease for 30 years ensures every patient gets the best vein care.

Learn more about our Better Veins for Life patient protocol.

Book a Vein Evaluation in Macon, Warner Robins, or Locust Grove, Georgia

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