Do I need surgery for varicose veins?

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January 10, 2018

Don’t allow fear of having an office procedure keep you from seeking treatment for your varicose veins. Non-invasive treatment options have largely replaced varicose vein surgery, such as vein stripping, have been replaced by safer treatment options. Varicose veins are not only a cosmetic problem; they are a health problem, too, and should be evaluated and treated by a vein specialist. Delaying your evaluation only leads to the problem getting worse.

Are you ready to learn about the different non-invasive “walk in, walk out” solutions to venous disease at Vein Specialists of the South? Find out how we treat varicose veins in the 21st century.

Non-Surgical Alternatives To Varicose Vein Stripping

In the past, treating saphenous vein reflux, the most common underlying cause of varicose veinsalmost always required vein stripping. Vein stripping required general anesthesia with large incisions in a hospital setting in order to remove the unhealthy saphenous vein. Introduced in 2000, minimally invasive heat induced endovenous therapy largely replaced vein stripping. Dr. Harper was the first vein specialist in Georgia to perform an endovenous procedure, and it remains the most effective way to treat saphenous vein reflux.

In the past 24 months, however, other minimally invasive treatments methods have provided vein specialists with new options to consider when choosing the right procedure for the right patient at the right time.  Options for saphenous reflux treatment now include:

  • Non-Thermal: VenaSeal Adhesive Therapy
  • Heat-Induced Endovenous Therapy
  • Non-Thermal: Varithena Microfoam Sclerotherapy

Non-Thermal: VenaSeal Adhesive Therapy


VenaSeal is a unique, non-thermal based, FDA-approved method using a medical grade adhesive to eliminate reflux in the saphenous vein. Dr. Harper was the first vein specialist in middle and central Georgia to provide this treatment in June of 2016. During the VenaSeal treatment, we place an IV catheter directly into the vein to be treated. Using ultrasound imaging, we then place the adhesive product into the unhealthy vein, sealing it shut. In many cases, compression is not necessary after the procedure, and full activity can be resumed immediately. If large, bulging varicose veins are also present, we may recommend a micro- phlebectomy at the time of the VenaSeal treatment or at a later date.

 Heat-Induced Endovenous Therapy


Endovenous therapy uses a laser fiber within a thin tube that is passed into the affected vein. We will guide the tube into the treatment area with the help of ultrasound imaging. With this tube, a laser will eradicate the vein. Endovenous therapy is an excellent therapeutic choice for larger veins where some other treatment methods might not be advised. Additionally, light sedation or local anesthesia makes the procedure safer and your recovery faster. Endovenous laser therapy is generally faster to recover from than varicose vein surgery, and it can provide instant relief from symptoms and an improvement in the overall appearance of your legs.

Your vein specialist uses ultrasound guidance to position the Endovenous therapy catheter in the affected vein. The catheter delivers heat energy to eradicate the vein. Heat induced endovenous therapy is an excellent therapeutic choice if you have reflux in the saphenous vein. There is over 18 years of clinical data to support the long term success of these treatments.

We recommend compression for 10-14 days after your endovenous procedure. If you have large bulging veins, you will most likely need a micro-ambulatory phlebectomy in addition to an endovenous procedure to achieve cosmetic and symptomatic relief.

Over 18,000 Procedures Performed

Dr. Kenneth Harper, founder of Vein Specialists of the South, has evaluated more than 22,000 patients and performed over 18,000 procedures since 2000. Dr. Harper is a leader in comprehensive vein care, having focused on diagnosis and treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers, and leg swelling since 1997.


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