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Friday, 1 November 2013

Credentials matter when you are choosing your vein specialists, but it is the intangibles of life that help create the bond with your physician.  Our life stories are woven into a tapestry with those intangibles. If you are like me, you find those stories fascinating and I’d love to share mine with you.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, and I am thankful for my parents, friends, teachers, coaches, and patients who helped me fulfill my dream.  After high school, I entered Georgia College for pre-med studies and to play college basketball.  For me, these years included two life defining moments: meeting my future wife, Terri, and becoming a Christian.  It was during those years I affirmed my life goal to pursue medicine.

My journey continued at the Medical College of Georgia. During medical school, Terri and I were married, and after graduating, we moved to Macon for five years of surgery residency at the Medical Center.  Life during those years was filled with work, family, and ministry:  long hours in training, four children, and our church family.

Since staying in Macon was not in our plans, it certainly was an ‘aha’ moment when we did not move on.   From 1984-2000, I practiced surgery at Northside Hospital before relocating near the Medical Center.  I fondly remember those years, the wonderful relationships with patients, and the joy of serving others.

Although I loved surgery, I felt a nudge toward something (recommend: different) in 1996.   After evaluating the needs of the community, I identified an opportunity to improve the care of patients with varicose veins, spider veins, and leg swelling.  My life experiences had prepared me for this transition.  A patient once described it as my calling and I agree that it was a perfect fit.

Combining the lessons from my years in surgery with training alongside the leading vein specialists in the US and Europe, I introduced innovations in vein care to Georgia in 1997. The doctor referrals and life changing procedures for patients, who then sent their family and friends to Vein Specialists of the South, confirmed my decision to transition from surgery to vein care.

A tipping pointing occurred in vein care with the introduction of the Radio frequency Closure Procedure, a minimally invasive alternative to vein stripping.  Timing is everything, and my experience in vein care had prepared me for this, as I performed the first Closure procedure in Georgia in early 2000.

With the implementation of the new Closure procedure and a rapidly growing vein practice, I limited the practice to solely specialize in vein care in 2002.   Moving to a larger downtown office provided room for practice growth, including the addition of office procedure suites in 2004.  In 2013, we opened our first satellite office in Warner Robins.

When the need developed, Terri joined the practice as a Registered Nurse to treat spider veins.  The sclerotherapy practice grew along with the introduction of non-surgical cosmetic treatments: skin care, neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and anti-aging treatments, leading to the opening of our sister practice, Spa Medical. Terri received her master’s in nursing and Nurse Practitioner Certification in 2013, and is recognized as a leader in her field.

Our desire to provide innovative, patient-centered care has created the Vein Specialists of the South culture, which is centered around uniquely providing cost effective, quality vein care with WOW service.  The staff regularly speaks at national conferences and our research has been recognized at national and international meetings.  Through our Comprehensive Vein Training Center we provide continuing education for physicians and other clinicians from across the US.

My story is woven together with faith, family, staff, and thousands of patients as the threads in the tapestry of life and career with Vein Specialists of the South, Comprehensive Vein Training Center and Spa Medical.  Dedication, hard work, compassion, the pursuit of excellence, a servant’s spirit, and the joy of pursuing a calling make us your premiere vein specialists.

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Over 18,000 Procedures Performed

Dr. Kenneth Harper, founder of Vein Specialists of the South, has evaluated more than 22,000 patients and performed over 18,000 procedures since 2000. Dr. Harper is a leader in comprehensive vein care, having focused on diagnosis and treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers, and leg swelling since 1997.


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