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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Morning sickness and fatigue are often what we think of when someone mentions early pregnancy symptoms. But for one homeschooling mom, her early pregnancy symptom was leg pain caused by varicose veins.

“I knew when I was pregnant because my veins started to hurt. That was always my first sign of pregnancy.”

Kitty’s leg problems began during her second pregnancy; by her seventh pregnancy, the pain in her legs became unbearable. But why did Kitty develop varicose veins during her pregnancy? And why did they get worse with each new life she brought into the world?

Varicose Veins Are An Early Pregnancy Symptom

Varicose veins in early pregnancy are not always visible but they sure can cause symptoms. A number of changes that occur early in pregnancy that cause these symptoms, including:

  • increased blood volume
  • poor/slow circulation
  • weight gain
  • hormonal changes in pregnancy


All of the above occur during pregnancy, even in early pregnancy. With sudden and dramatic hormonal changes, there is an increase in blood volume and the blood flow slows dramatically in preparation for the new life and safe delivery. While this is essential for the safety of mom during delivery, as it prevents excessive bleeding during childbirth, it can lead to spider veins, varicose veins, and even blood clots.

With each pregnancy, varicose veins will often worsen, and the risk of blood clots increases.

How Varicose Veins Affect Moms Like Kitty


Pregnancy is already a difficult process, wrought with stress, exhausting, and discomfort. For Kitty, this was exacerbated by leg pain in six out of seven of her pregnancies.

Chronic pain makes the day-to-day more difficult for everyone, but for moms, this is particularly exhausting. Childcare, especially around the clock for a homeschooling family, takes a lot of focus and energy. Living with chronic pain can make a mother feel as if she can’t fully be there for her children.

If you have ever lived with pain that prevented you from playing with your children, you’ll understand the emotional distress this can place on mothers as well. It’s not just about physical pain.

By seeking help and support from experts, like our team at Vein Specialists of the South, you can both look better and feel better, getting back to focusing on the important work of caring for and raising your children.

After Treatment: Legs look and feel better.

Help For Moms With Venous Disease

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve had multiple pregnancies, whether you have a few visible spider veins or you have bulging, painful veins, Vein Specialists of the South can help.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, get a full workup to make sure your legs are healthy. We can screen you for invisible varicose veins and give you the tips and tools you need for a healthier pregnancy. This can include compression, treatments for diseased veins, and more.

To prevent or slow symptoms of venous disease during pregnancy, we offer compression hosiery for expecting mothers. This helps improve leg circulation through graduated compression on the calves. This can also help prevent blood clots.

Between 6 and 12 weeks of delivery, your hormone levels and venous blood volume have returned to normal and your risks of blood clots have returned to pre-pregnancy levels. At that point, we can evaluate your legs and create a customized treatment plan for your diseased veins using minimally invasive, walk-in, walk-out treatments to close or remove unhealthy veins. You can still take care of your baby with no difficulty, as these procedures require minimal local anesthesia and little to no downtime.

Get Started At Vein Specialists Of The South

Are you ready to focus on motherhood without the distraction and discomfort of venous disease? Reduce leg pain and discomfort and improve how your legs look with the help of our expert team at Vein Specialists of the South. We have four options to help you get started quickly:

If you’re planning to get pregnant, get a full workup to make sure your legs are healthy. We can screen you for invisible varicose veins and give you the tips and tools you need for a healthier pregnancy. This can include compression, treatments for diseased veins, and more.

If you’re pregnant, it’s important to have your OBGYN involved in your vein care. We will work closely with your OBGYN to ensure that your treatment is effective and safe for you and your baby.

We host several free events throughout the year to provide education on vein health, prevention, and treatments. Attendees also have the chance to get an evaluation with a member of our clinical vein care team. RSVP for our next event in Downtown Macon, Georgia.

If you are a busy mom, it can be difficult to make time for a doctor’s appointment. We created our online  VirtualVein.com consultation just for you. It is a simple, easy and convenient way to get started with our providers online, from the comfort of your own home.

No matter how busy your schedule, we can work with you to help you achieve Better Veins for Life®.

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Ready to banish unsightly and painful varicose veins and spider veins? Schedule an appointment and receive:

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Still Have Questions?

Do you have questions or concerns about vein procedures, insurance coverage, financing options, or how you will get to your appointments in Downtown Macon or Warner Robins, Georgia? We understand. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Our friendly and helpful staff is here to guide you through the entire process to help you feel secure in your decision to seek care with us.

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