Great Legs Without Unsightly Varicose and Spider Veins recently featured a survey on beautiful legs taken by the Whiteley Clinic. My friend Mr. Mark Whiteley, a British vascular surgeon and specialist in the treatment of vein disease, surveyed 1,000 adults ranging from twenty to sixty years old.

Not surprisingly, 77% of men said that Beyoncé has the perfect legs. Beyoncé is one of the most recognizable entertainers of our time whose music videos and ‘legs’ have been downloaded by millions of fans. However, most women said they’d prefer to have Pixie Lott’s legs, who garnered 60% of their votes.

Beyonce Varicose


Pixie Lott Varicose

Pixie Lott

Footballer David Beckham was chosen for best legs in the men’s category, with just over 50% of the male vote and 82% of the female vote. Andy Murray followed closely behind, and apparently makes 64% of women’s hearts race. Did I mention that this was a British survey?  I wonder if the results would be different if it was a poll of American adults.

You may be wondering what this has to do with varicose and spider veins. Well, the poll was not just a beauty contest. Participants were also asked about their biggest leg turnoffs. Nearly 75% of participants said that bad toenails were the worst turnoff, with freezing feet coming in at second (58%), and unsightly varicose veins a close third (53%). What can be done to overcome these issues?

David Beckham

David Beckham

Cosmetic nail problems can be fixed with a good pedicure. Even thick, yellow, fungal nails respond to laser energy treatments with good results and allow patients to avoid long term oral medications.

Ladies, what good is your man if he can’t warm your heart and your cold feet? If a good man is not in your picture right now, you might want to consider a pair of socks for those cold feet. Patients often ask me if bad veins cause cold feet, but I haven’t found any evidence to support the association.

More than half of respondents said that unsightly varicose and spider veins were a turnoff. Since varicose and spider veins are common I am not surprised at this response. Multiple factors contribute to their incidence: genetics, pregnancy, occupation (prolonged standing and sitting), obesity, and injuries.

Well, you don’t have to hide your legs because of varicose and spider veins anymore. Visit to learn about vein disease and our minimally invasive treatments to improve the way your legs look and feel. Walk in and walk out with little to no downtime at Vein Specialists of the South. Call today so you can show your legs again: (478) 743-2472.

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