Varicose Treatment – Ambulatory Phlebectomy For Bulging Varicose Veins

While there are various treatment options available for bulging varicose veins, one of the procedures Dr. Kenneth Harper recommends is Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Phlebectomy is often performed in conjunction with the Endovenous Thermal Ablation (Venefit or Laser) procedure or as a stand alone procedure.

If symptomatic bulging veins are why you are seeking varicose treatment, Dr. Harper recommends treating the underlying vein reflux and the visible varicose veins with the initial vein procedure whenever possible. A distinctive of care at VSS is our comprehensive approach to your vein problems. This approach avoids the risk of the developing blood clots in the visible varicose veins and the need for additional procedures later in most patients. Patients see and appreciate the immediate resolution of their varicose veins.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure utilizing local anesthesia. The large, bulging varicose veins are removed through micro incisions in the skin (2-3 mm). The micro incisions require no sutures, are closed with steri-strips, and start healing in a few days with minimal to no scarring. The good news is that with Ambulatory Phlebectomy there can be immediate resolution of the bulging varicose veins and symptoms in most patients.

Your Varicose Treatment

Dr. Harper performs varicose treatment on an outpatient basis in his Macon, GA office. The varicose veins are identified by visual inspection, palpation, and trans-illumination of the skin, which is traced with a skin marker. A gentle local anesthetic is then injected into the skin around the veins. If needed a mild, oral sedative may be administered. The effects of the local anesthetic are long lasting (4 – 6 hours) and provide excellent analgesia.

Micro incisions (2 – 3 mm) are made adjacent to the marked vein(s). The varicose veins are gently removed, segment by segment, with a delicate hook like instrument. Even the largest varicose veins can be removed through tiny incisions. Because the incisions are small, sutures are rarely necessary to close the tiny openings.

On the day of your varicose treatment procedure, you should plan on being in the office for several hours (up to 4-5 hours). We respect your time and desire to limit delays. However, we will take as much time as necessary to make sure you receive the best possible results.

Your Varicose Post Treatment

After Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Dr. Harper recommends compression stockings to speed the healing process. He also encourages daily exercise. Most patients return to work the next day.

Dr. Harper’s staff will go over the post treatment guidelines before and after your procedure. It is important that you follow these instructions to promote healing and achieve the best results.

What To Expect After Your Vein Treatment

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is generally a painless procedure. Some bruising and swelling are expected for several days to weeks but should be minimized by wearing compression stockings. The incision sites heal without sutures and after several months are usually not visible unless you have an inherited tendency to hyper pigment or scar. The appearance of tender bruises at the phlebectomy sites are seen in some patients and resolve over time. We will review possible side effects with you at your consultation and prior to your procedure.

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