What can I say? I love Vein Specialists of the South!

I’m a mother of four children, although I’ve had eight pregnancies. My first child was born when I was almost 34 and my last was born a week after my 40th birthday. Four children in 6 years, combined with my age, took a toll on the veins in my legs, and I developed several SVT’s with my last two pregnancies. After my last child was born, I endured severe pain in my legs for 5 years before I heeded the commercials I saw on TV. Additionally, I decided to invest in the appearance of my legs that were damaged by the varicose veins causing extensive spider veins covering both legs. The procedures were not bad and the outcome was phenomenal. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Harper and all his staff!

P.S. The schlerotherapy was one of the best INVESTMENTS I ever made!

A. Barentine
J. Brown

In 2007, I retired and relocated to the Macon area.  During my working years, I developed large varicose veins and much pain.  The veins were so bad that I had to wear pants to the beach so no one would see my legs. I made an appointment with our new physician in Macon.  I asked him if something could be done with my legs other than just stripping the veins.  His comment was, “I have just the doctor for you, Dr. Harper.”  In fact, he was going for a procedure on one of his legs.

After an extensive examination and consultation with Dr. Harper, I felt that I had finally found the physician to perform my vein procedures. Dr. Harper did one leg one week and the other leg the next week.  The one thing that amazed me was within several days of each operation, I was able to resume most normal activities.

In March of 2008, Dr. Harper performed what I would call a miracle on my legs.  I no longer have pain in my legs and I wear shorts almost every day. Doctor Harper and his staff spoke with me and gave me pamphlets on how to take care of my legs.  I’m well aware that I have to take care of my legs and now I have the knowledge to do so.

R. Hughes

“I was up and moving around immediately following the (Closure) procedure. The next day, I no longer had the heaviness in my legs. The success of the treatment was apparent immediately”

Ila’s symptoms began at the age of 24 during her pregnancy. She experienced “leg pain, especially when standing for long periods of time.” She was “self-conscious about the wormy like (varicose) veins and was uncomfortable wearing shorts and skirts.” Vein problems are common in Ila’s family. Both her mother and sister were treated with traditional vein stripping and were left with noticeable scars and persisting symptoms.

Ila sought a treatment that would be less invasive. Dr. Harper recommended the Closure procedure. Ila was confident in Dr. Harper’s recommendation and was pleased to find out that her insurance covered 100% of the cost. The procedure was performed with local anesthesia and minimal sedation. Ila stated, “I was comfortable throughout the procedure and aware of my surroundings.” Ila was active right after the procedure and has resumed recreational activities including golf, tennis, and swimming. She stated, “I’d highly recommend Vein Specialists of the South and the Closure procedure.

Ila S.
R. Jones

Dr. Harper is an excellent doctor. He communicates effectively with the patient and is easy to talk to. He talks to you and not at you. He gives a good examination and explains the process. He also explains the sonogram results. Dr. Harper’s staff does an excellent job also. They are very knowledgeable and efficient with their jobs and put the patients first and work as a TEAM. It is very evident and refreshing. I had a good appointment experience.

Marsha B.
D. Jones