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While cosmetic surgery may rejuvenate your facial features, your hands can give your age away. Dilated hand veins, while unattractive, are usually healthy veins. Treatment for these hand veins is therefore cosmetic with a goal to help you look better and feel younger.

Hands veins can become symptomatic, tender, and swollen after a visit to the ER or hospital. In these situations the complaints may be considered medical. The presentation is often a tender cord in the hand or forearm where an IV was inserted or medications were administered.

Contributing Factors for Hand Veins

As you age, hand veins appear larger. While these veins may be dilated superficial veins, the visible changes are most likely a result of thinning skin and the loss of subcutaneous fat with aging, making the veins more noticeable.

A vein may become red, swollen, or tender with inflammation at the IV site where fluids or medications were injected. These tender veins in most cases pose no serious threat to health or limb unless an infection develops. If there is fever, elevated WBC or tenderness this may indicate a surgical emergency.

Treatments For Hand Veins

In most cases, the treatment of hand veins is cosmetic or not covered by insurance. The treatment for unsightly hand veins include ambulatory phlebectomy (removal), filler injection (hiding), sclerotherapy (closing), or a combination of these. These are outpatient procedures with minimal post-treatment discomfort, bruising, and swelling.

There is little risk that treating these veins will affect venous circulation. The veins in the deeper layers of the hand provide adequate collateral flow allowing safe treatment of the superficial veins.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally invasive method to remove the unsightly hand veins. After marking the vein local anesthetic is administered. The vein is then removed via micro incisions and a gentle compression dressing is applied. The hand heals quickly with pleasant and long lasting cosmetic results.

Another option is an injection of cosmetic filler into the subcutaneous tissue of the back of the hand to replace the lost soft tissue volume. This effectively hides the unsightly vein. Repeat treatments are necessary since the filler is not permanent.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a sclerosing agent into the unsightly veins followed by a compressive wrap. There may be temporary bruising or tenderness over the treated veins. Trapped blood in the treated vein may be removed by needle evacuation. Patients report good results.

The treatment of inflammation of veins of the hand or forearm after a medical treatment is conservative care. This care includes elevation, compression, ice packs several times per day, and anti-inflammatories. If signs or symptoms of infection develop: fever, elevated WBC, redness or drainage surgical removal of the involved vein may be necessary. Depending upon culture and sensitivity reports, IV antibiotic therapy and wound care may be indicated.

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