R. Hughes

“I was up and moving around immediately following the (Closure) procedure. The next day, I no longer had the heaviness in my legs. The success of the treatment was apparent immediately”

Ila’s symptoms began at the age of 24 during her pregnancy. She experienced “leg pain, especially when standing for long periods of time.” She was “self-conscious about the wormy like (varicose) veins and was uncomfortable wearing shorts and skirts.” Vein problems are common in Ila’s family. Both her mother and sister were treated with traditional vein stripping and were left with noticeable scars and persisting symptoms.

Ila sought a treatment that would be less invasive. Dr. Harper recommended the Closure procedure. Ila was confident in Dr. Harper’s recommendation and was pleased to find out that her insurance covered 100% of the cost. The procedure was performed with local anesthesia and minimal sedation. Ila stated, “I was comfortable throughout the procedure and aware of my surroundings.” Ila was active right after the procedure and has resumed recreational activities including golf, tennis, and swimming. She stated, “I’d highly recommend Vein Specialists of the South and the Closure procedure.

Ila S.
R. Jones

Dr. Harper is an excellent doctor. He communicates effectively with the patient and is easy to talk to. He talks to you and not at you. He gives a good examination and explains the process. He also explains the sonogram results. Dr. Harper’s staff does an excellent job also. They are very knowledgeable and efficient with their jobs and put the patients first and work as a TEAM. It is very evident and refreshing. I had a good appointment experience.

Marsha B.
D. Jones

Vein care has given me greater confidence not only in my appearance but also my ability to accomplish daily tasks without pain! I would tell anyone who was curious about getting their legs looked at to “Just Do It” – without doubt or hesitation! I wish I had made the decision to have my procedures done sooner.

I was very pleased with the professionalism of the practice and the results! From the first time I came to Vein Specialists, I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision concerning my health. As I continued through the process, that feeling stayed with me. Dr. Harper and his entire staff have been and absolutely are the BEST – knowledgeable, professional, caring, and dedicated.

Joyce B.

Overall, vein care has improved my life by giving me great self-esteem. I was very self-conscious before, but after I had the procedure, I am not at all. If friends or family members were curious about having their veins evaluated and treated I would tell them to not put it off if they are having problems. It is a very easy procedure. The practice was very friendly and professional.

I love the overall results and would definitely do it again. Any future problems I will come back to the Vein Specialists to see Dr. Harper and his Staff.

Dianne W.

My legs have been an embarrassment for years. When my grandson said “Nana, what is wrong with your legs?” I finally caved and decided to call Dr. Harper’s office. Now wearing shorts or a dress is no longer a problem.

I would tell any friend or family member who is curious about having their veins treated, don’t wait! The experience was not painful and the entire staff bent over backwards to be professional, friendly and addressed every question very well. Check out the website – then go!

There were two things that pleased me most throughout the course of my treatment at Vein Specialists. The staff were all very compassionate and helpful – the office ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine and  Dr. Harper and the nursing staff offered thorough pre-op education, careful explanations of every procedure, and likewise, post-op care. I am so glad to have found this great group of people. I would and do recommend Vein Specialists to anyone.

Sally S.