Vein Specialists of the South and Dr. Ken Harper speak to local Podiatric Medicine Group

Macon, Georgia – Vein Specialists of the South, Medical Director Dr. Kenneth E. Harper, spoke to local Podiatrists on the topic, ‘OpenYour Eyes to Vein Disease’ on February 28th. Podiatrists attending the lecture received CME credits through the state association of podiatrist GPMA.

The topic of emphasis was ‘Phlebology’ the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease including varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, DVT and PE. Despite its prevelence, venous disease remains an under diagnosed and under treated condition.

Podiatrists specialize in treating patients with ankle and foot complaints. Since vein disease is also common in many podiatric cases, many podiatric patients also suffer from venous disease which affects their quality of life and leg health. This underlying venous disease, left untreated, may negatively impact the outcome of podiatric interventions.

A better understanding of the principles of diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins and spider veins these podiatrist to determine which patients may benefit from phlebology evaluation and care.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the incidence, signs and symptoms of venous disease.
  • Identify patients with signs and symptoms of venous disease.
  • Institute best practices for conservative care of patients with venous disease.
  • Implement appropriate referral protocols for patients who venous disease.
  • Understand the treatment options available and the results your patient should expect from advanced vein care.

Over 18,000 Procedures Performed

Dr. Kenneth Harper, founder of Vein Specialists of the South, has evaluated more than 22,000 patients and performed over 18,000 procedures since 2000. Dr. Harper is a leader in comprehensive vein care, having focused on diagnosis and treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers, and leg swelling since 1997.

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