Lymphatic System Detox and Lymphedema: Fact vs Fiction

You can’t browse social media or the web looking for health advice without reading an article raving about a new detox treatment. Whether it’s juice cleanses, detox tea, or herbal supplements, they all promise to purge your body of “toxins” to reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, cure chronic illnesses, and protect you from contagious viruses. But do they work, or is it all just snake oil designed to lighten your wallet?

How can I get rid of spider veins on the nose?

Have you noticed a few blue, purple or red veins while you were washing your face, or maybe a friend pointed them out to you? No matter what caused you or your friend to notice spider veins on your nose, your response after seeing them was likely one of frustration, shock or even embarrassment.

Can Vitamins Help Spider Veins?

If you’ve noticed unsightly spider or varicose veins on your legs or spider veins on your face you are not alone. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 50-55% of women and 40-45% of men experience problems with veins, including varicose veins and spider veins.

Sore Legs for No Reason: What Should I Do?

Heaviness, aching, swelling, throbbing, burning and stinging pain, leg cramps and restless legs: does it seem like you have sore legs for no reason? If you have these frustrating symptoms, you know how your legs can affect your quality of life.

How to Improve Circulation in Your Legs for Better Veins for Life®

Do you experience unexplained muscle cramps, tingling or numbness? Do your hands or feet feel cold? If so, you could have poor circulation. Good circulation delivers the essential oxygen and nutrients to your body at the cellular level needed for healthy metabolic and organ functions. Impaired circulation is a serious condition that can compromise your health. Read this blog to learn more about how to...

Are Blood Clots Causing Fainting Spells in Seniors?

If you have ever experienced a fainting spell or witnessed one within a senior friend or family member, you understand how scary it can be and the dangers involved. You might have feelings of panic or helplessness as you wonder about the underlying issues causing these fainting spells.