How to Prevent Varicose Veins

Your grandmother, aunt, mother, or even your father have them and now you may be noticing a few popping up. No, we aren’t talking about gray hair; we’re talking about varicose veins; twisted, enlarged, bulging, red, and blue veins found right underneath your skin.

Vein Screening Options in Central Georgia

Venous disease, which is more common that heart disease and peripheral artery disease combined, is underdiagnosed and undertreated in the United States. This puts the quality of life health, well-being, and lives of many of us at risk.

What is a Vein Specialist?

What is a vein specialist? From primary care doctors to vascular surgeons, medical professionals from many backgrounds now promote the treatment of varicose veins. If you have varicose or spider veins they represent a chronic medical condition that progresses if left untreated and can lead to complications such as blood clots, skin changes, leg swelling, venous ulcers and bleeding.

How to Get Better Looking Legs Before Summer

Swollen legs, varicose veins, and spider veins can make you feel the need to cover up your legs, even in warm weather. If you’re uncomfortable wearing shorts or swimsuits and want to look and feel great this summer, now is the time to start your journey to BetterLooking® legs.

When to See a Vein Specialist

Whether you have noticed varicose or spider veins yourself or your physician points them out to you it is not always clear who should be seen by a vein specialists. This blog will help you know when it is time to make an appointment. Should you wait until you have symptoms or is OK to go when your veins are only a cosmetic concern?